Change seems to be one of the most difficult things to adopt, even for the most flexible and adventurous of us. To make change that lasts, one needs to have a vision and purpose. The purpose defines who you are, what you believe and defines what you offer the world. Your vision is your goal, what you want to achieve, and how it serves your purpose and those you intend to help. This is your north star, a compass, when you drift. If you boil your vision and purpose down far enough it can easily be remembered, which is key when things get confusing or fate tempts us.

Next, it's a good idea to have some methods to effect change; to give your vision shape, legs and fuel. Are you going to create a tool? Content? A personality? These 3 are great methods to influence people, to make things happen towards your vision.

Once you have your plans worked up and you've made it down the road a little - your offering has taken shape and you're getting some traction. "I think I may be on to something..." is often a thought, even if it's followed by "but there's a long way to go...". At this point, ask yourself "Is this part of my vision? Is it part of my purpose? Or is it fulfilling someone else's purpose and vision?" If it does fit, congratulations you're in a rare position where you defined who you are, set forth a goal, created something, nurtured it to existence and ensured it's for you and not someone else.

If it doesn't fit or you find yourself drifting or taking steps back to life before change, no worries. This happens to everyone. Try identifying some Keystone Habits and try, try again. Don't give up unless your vision and purpose significantly change of course.